Chris A. Wright

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    As a practicing artist, I have exhibited in Italy, New Zealand, Norway and the USA as well as the UK focusing on the site-specific through installation, expanded sculpture, photography, video, sound and sometimes pseudo-scientific experiments. I try to weave art, theory and philosophy together to create an integrated practice that delves deep and presents a set of proposals rather than answers. The essence of my work explores borders and other transitional spaces - inside and outside, nowhere and somewhere to locate, re-locate and re-contextualise territory referencing what has been, what is or what could be, the past, the present and the future and where it intersects with the human relationship. The notion of absence, as possibility rather than lack, is an underlying theme within the concepts of territory, whether historical, political, geographical, cultural as well as how it is colonized, altered, used and navigated and, relating to this, place and placelessness.
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